17 July 2017
Project Scope
Contract Length
1 year plus site works
Services Provided
  • Design and Build
  • FAT
  • Site Works
  • Supervision, Commissioning and Tuning

Project Overview

Pipeline Monitoring, Leak Detection and Intruder Detection

Working alongside our client ABB, Optilan began working on the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) project supplying the Pipeline Monitoring System (PMS), Leak Detection, Buried and Fence Intruder Detection systems (Combined BIDs and FIDs) for the 1,814 km pipeline and associated Pump / Monitoring / Off Take / Compressor and Block Valve Stations along the route in Turkey.


ABB is a leading global technology company in power and automation that enables utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

Optilan Project Solutions

The pipeline will be carrying the gas produced from the Shah Deniz 2 gas field that Optilan recently supplied the Telecoms equipment for, and runs from the border of Georgia through Turkey crossing the Marmaris Sea (Dardenelle Strait) to the border of Greece. It continues through Greece under the Adriatic Sea and into Italy to supply gas into Europe.

The project scope consists of the design of the Pipeline Monitoring System both Onshore and Offshore, Leak Detection System, Buried Intruder and Fence Intruder Detection Systems for 63 sites along the pipeline.

Solutions provided by Optilan will allow TANAP to monitor the entire length of the pipeline for intrusion, leaks, and seismic activity and to detect attempted intrusion at the 63 sites along the pipeline.

ABB provided 96 prebuilt Rittal cabinets and Optilan configured, tested and installed the following OptaSense equipment into the cabinets:

  • 130 Interrogator Units
  • 64 Processor Units
  • 34 Dual Processor Units
  • 55 Control Units
  • 130 Ethernet Controlled Power Supply Units

The OptaSense equipment was delivered in three consignments which Optilan installed into cabinets and programmed at our purpose-built facility in Coventry, England.

Upon completion of equipment installation, Optilan undertook the configuration work and the individual rack Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). This was followed by a system FAT for the two systems (PMS and Combined BIDs/FIDs). 

During 2017 the equipment will be delivered to St Neots to be integrated with other systems, (PMS, BIDs / FIDs, CCTV, Access Control, Tetra and Aeronautical Radio, PAGA, Weather System, Satellite Back Up communications, Telephony and Main Network System for an Integrated Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT) which Optilan engineers will be supporting.

After the IFAT the equipment will be delivered to Turkey and will be installed into individual containers that will be delivered and sited at each of the Block Valves, Compressor/Pump and Metering Stations along the 1,814 km pipeline.

The site works are split into two parts. The first part is the completion of the 56” pipeline through to the Eskisehir off-take (1,338 km) which has to be commissioned and operational by Q3 2018. The second part is the remaining 48” section from Eskisehir to the Greece border which has to be commissioned and operational by Q3 2019. Optilan will be undertaking the Commissioning and Fine Tuning of the Pipeline Monitoring System (PMS), Leak Detection, Buried and Fence Intruder Detection systems (Combined BIDs and FIDs) followed by a Site Acceptance Test, Handover, and Operational support.

Optilan have set up a dedicated office in Turkey which will head up a programme of site works for this project. This will include installation supervision, commissioning, fine tuning, site acceptance and training starting in 2017 and running through to 2019.

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