Optilan Are Recruiting
09 May 2018
Optilan Are Recruiting

Optilan are currently looking for talented people to join our rapidly growing team. We believe in making sure that Optilan is not only a great place to be, but also a brilliant place to develop a career. Whether you have a background in communication solutions in one of our industries or the installation of systems, we want to hear from you. As part of our recruitment drive we have the following vacancies:

  • Installation Engineer
  • Lead Bid Engineer
  • Project Manager x2
  • Wire Person
  • SQE Engineer

HR Manager, Debbie Scott says: “we are currently going through a growth period at Optilan and require talented people to support us going forward. If you have what it takes to work in a busy, challenging and fast paced environment we want to hear from you”.

For further information on our vacancies and how to apply please visit our careers page.

Have a question? If you would like to know more about the sectors Optilan operate in, or the services we provide, please contact us.   info@optilan.com   +44 (0) 1926 864999