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Optilan Group acquires Telinstra FZCO as part of strategic growth into Middle East     

Optilan Group acquires Telinstra FZCO as part of strategic growth into Middle East

Optilan Upgrade Midland Metro CCTV
28 June 2018
Case Study
Project Scope
The West Midlands Combo Authority
Contract Length
1 year
West Midlands
Services Provided
  • Telecoms Surveys
  • Supply
  • Design
  • Build
  • Installation and Commissioning

Project Overview

Optilan recently undertook this project for the West Midlands Combined Authority (previously Centro) in upgrading their existing CCTV infrastructure. The objective of this project was to replace the existing analogue cameras with modern IP based CCTV camera equipment across all of the 23 Midland Metro Line One Tram Stops. A total of 112 CCTV cameras were provided over the course of the project which were a combination of Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras and fixed Cameras.


The West Midlands Combined Authority (previously Centro) are responsible for improving the regional transport structure, working towards an integrated public transport system that’s safe and secure.

Optilan Project Solutions

Optilan assisted the client with camera product selection for the project, where a trial site installation was provided at the Midland Metro Wednesbury Depot facility. The trial site CCTV cameras were operated for a number of days and operator feedback was taken into account to determine which camera types were best suited for the project.

Detailed site surveys were carried out at each of the tram stops in order to determine:

  • Camera positions
  • Cable route location and capacity for expansion
  • Location and capacity of existing power
  • Mounting arrangements
  • Rack cabinet space
  • LAN capacity
  • Cabling requirements

Procurement, Manufacture and Assembly
Following the product selection phase the CCTV camera equipment were procured. The new CCTV cameras were assembled, configured and tested at Optilan’s Coventry based engineering facility prior to shipment to site.

Swan neck and knuckle style CCTV camera mounting bracketry for the new cameras was manufactured in conjunction with Altron. The brackets were selected to interface with the various differing types of existing tram stop structures such as lighting columns, raise/lower columns, fixed poles, outreach, cantilever and heritage-style columns.

The new cameras were cabled radially from the Tram Stop Cabinet LAN switch to the camera pole Junction Box locations using Cat 6 FTP duct grade SWA cabling. The type of cabling provided was both screened (FTP) for EMC purposes and armoured (SWA) to provide enhanced physical protection including protection from vermin and rodents.

The new CCTV cameras were installed and commissioned at each of the tram stops. Site Acceptance Testing was undertaken for the new equipment including the use of Rotakin test targets to demonstrate image quality and coverage.

Due to the project success, the West Midlands Combined Authority decided to expand their system with the addition of tram stop lift CCTV cameras which were installed into existing lift cars. As part of these additional works vandal resistant brushed steel mounting brackets were fabricated to ensure that the new CCTV cameras provided would be aesthetically pleasing and match with the existing lift car interior.  

As a further contract variation the client added works relating to substation CCTV and telecoms. Optilan installed new IP CCTV cameras and removed redundant legacy PA and alarm equipment which was no longer employed by the West Midlands Combined Authority.

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