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Optilan Group acquires Telinstra FZCO as part of strategic growth into Middle East     

Optilan Group acquires Telinstra FZCO as part of strategic growth into Middle East

Optilan Have Rebranded
19 June 2017
Optilan Have Rebranded

After more than 26 years serving and maintaining relationships with our clients, suppliers and associates throughout the world, we are pleased to announce a refining of the Optilan brand. The new identity has been constructed to address the developing nature of our business, whilst at the same time remaining faithful to the values that have been instrumental in our success.

Optilan’s business operations have evolved since starting as a communications specialist in 1990. Our core capabilities now includes providing security systems for our clients and the new brand identity reflects Optilan’s vision and commitment in being the leading global integrator of communication and security solutions for businesses, industry and governments around the world. Optilan is always looking to innovate and our principles of ‘Passionate, Committed and Understanding’ demonstrates Optilan’s core values in supporting and meeting the demands of customers on a global scale. 

Richard Buckland, Chief Executive Officer said:

“Optilan has grown and evolved as a company during the past 26 years, we not only provide communication systems but also dynamic security solutions to a variety of clients within our respected industries.  During this exciting time we have worked closely with our staff and focussed extensively on our clients in developing a strong brand presence and identity which represents our ambitions at Optilan. The rebrand reflects the vision for the future and also demonstrates the evolution of the company.”

The original logo was designed when the company was fundamentally a fibre optic led business. Through the course of time Optilan has expanded and developed from our core roots as a communications specialist, transforming into a communications and security business whilst at heart maintaining our core fibre skills, a mainstay of the business. The rebranded logo uses as its foundation the original logo to represent and illustrate our history but transformed to demonstrate Optilan’s development.

The launch of our website showcases a fresher and modern look for the company, provides up-to-date information, appeals to new markets and communicates effectively with customers.

The rebranding is a reflection of, and a commitment to the dynamic nature and diversity of the entire organisation that has allowed, and will continue to allow us to provide our clients with even more quality solutions.

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