DarkPulse, Inc. Acquires Optilan Solidifying The Company’s Operations Globally

Optilan is a global security and communications services provider for Critical Network Infrastructure, Energy, Pipeline Integrity, Rail, Telecommunications, and Renewables. Optilans solutions safeguard people, infrastructure and assets from ever-evolving challenges in areas ranging from continuity of power supply to cyber-attacks, activism and terrorism.

NEW YORK, New York –August 10, 2021 – Dark Pulse, Inc. (OTC Markets: DPLS) (“DarkPulse” and the “Company”), a technology company focused on the manufacture, sale, installation, and monitoring of laser sensing systems based on its patented BOTDA dark-pulse sensor technology (the “DarkPulse Technology”) which provides a data stream of critical metrics for assessing the health and security of infrastructure, today announced it has closed the acquisition of Optilan Group, Ltd

Optilan is a global provider of security and communications systems and associated integration services.. The Company’s services include design, installation, commissioning, support and maintenance services across a range of blue chip customers. With head office in the UK, the business has international operational presence in the Middle East, Turkey, India and Azerbaijan.  Optilan offers a range of products including but not limited to, CCTV, access control, perimeter detection, networks, telephony, alarms, fibre installaton and satellite communications.  Optilan has designed and installed a significant proportion of the worlds pipeline intrusion and leak detection systems using optical sensing technology.

“This acquisition completes a monumental leap forward of DarkPulse’s expansion into global critical infrastructure markets.” Said DarkPulse Chairman and CEO Dennis O’Leary,  “As a recognized leader for more than 30 years, Optilan brings a highly experienced team and operational footprint with physical assets across key international markets including, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.” He continued, “ I look forward to meeting and working with the nearly 200 member Optilan team working throughout the globe.”

Under the terms of the agreement , DarkPulse has acquired 100% of Optilan Holdco 3Ltd for an undisclosed amount in cash. The Company will invest additional resources for Optilan’s ongoing operations including working capital, expansion of the business and growth strategies as the two company’s work to solidify joint operations. “This new partnership comes at a crucial time and DarkPulse technology will fit many of our client needs. We have worked tirelessly to deliver our ambitious strategic vision and improve our structure, efficiency, and sustainability. I am exceptionally proud and excited that DarkPulse has decided to support our future development and be a part of the team. Momentum has been building at pace during the last twelve months and this acquisition will only increase the speed our expansion ambitions.” Said Bill Bayliss, CEO for Optilan Group Ltd.

DarkPulse Inc., was advised by Energy & Industrial Advisory Partners, LLC Houston TX and Eversheds Sutherland (UK) LLP. BDO (UK) LLP, Dechert LLP acted as  advisor  to Optilan Group Ltd in this transaction.


About DarkPulse, Inc.

DarkPulse, Inc. uses advanced laser-based monitoring systems to provide rapid and accurate monitoring of temperatures, strains and stresses. The Company’s technology excels when applied to live, dynamic critical infrastructure and structural monitoring, including pipeline monitoring, perimeter and structural surveillance, aircraft structural components and mining safety. The Company’s fiber-based monitoring systems can assist markets that are not currently served, and its unique technology covers extended areas and any event that is translated into the detection of a change in strain or temperature. In addition to the Company’s ongoing efforts with respect to the marketing and sales of its technology products and services to its customers, the Company also continues to explore potential strategic alliances through joint venture and licensing opportunities to further expand its global market position.

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