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Optilan have many years of experience in providing solutions to protect Critical Infrastructure across a wide range of industries worldwide, including Oil and Gas, Rail and Utilities. We recognise the significant impact on a business caused by the loss of, or damage to such infrastructure.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of solutions which provide visibility and early warnings of intrusions or attempted intrusions to Critical Infrastructure sites. Multiple systems can be integrated to increase the opportunity to detect intrusions. Systems to control and log the ingress and egress of personnel within Critical Infrastructure sites are available. We can also offer solutions to protect pipelines carrying valuable assets over distances of thousands of km between sites. We are also suppliers of Fibre, Copper and RF Communication Systems, suitable for Offshore and Onshore environments. Optilan offer solutions which are suitable for both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous environments.

Capitalising on our technical consulting skills and end-to-end approach to security, we can help you manage the short and long-term risks to your assets. Whether they are a building, industrial park or an entire city, we can support by designing and implementing a security solution that suits you and meets your requirements. Services from high level design to installation, commissioning and support, provides all the advantages of using a single fully accountable source of expertise and labour. Optilan operate responsibly and efficiently to rigorous quality, health and safety and technical standards.

A typical Critical Infrastructure project may incorporate:

Optilan can assist and support you with key project solutions in the following:

Power Stations

Optilan provide telecommunications and security solutions for major power plant developments. Utilising our in house, dedicated utilities project engineering teams and unrivalled telecoms staging facility we can help you in meeting your service requirements.


With over 20 years of experience in pipeline telecommunication and security systems, Optilan have led the way in combining high speed communications with pipeline protection and monitoring systems.


Overhead line and electricity substation environments are particularly demanding in terms of health and safety and procedural requirements. We have worked as a telecommunications contractor to numerous UK transmission and distribution operators for over 20 years, which means we have the skills and experience to serve this market well.

Wind Farms

Optilan have the capability to provide turbine to desktop communications systems and infrastructure to the UK’s renewables sector. Our team comprises one of the UK’s largest and most highly skilled fibre optic field engineering forces. A typical Optilan system creates a comprehensive telecommunications and security system, with full remote operational capability and the capacity and flexibility to meet future demands.

Onshore Refineries

Optilan has worked on some of the world’s largest plants, implementing and providing solutions to every security, process and business telecoms requirement. We can provide you with full integration throughout the design and build ensuring shorter build times, lower up front spend and reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

Gas Plants

Whether it be loading or offloading, Optilan are experienced in gas plant telecoms and security, including LNG plants. As national infrastructure protection becomes more critical, we can tailor solutions to meet the specific requirements of the plant and the environment.

Petrochemical Sites

Optilan has worked on some of the world’s largest plants providing solutions to every security, process and business telecoms requirement. Full integration throughout the design and build ensures shorter build times, lower up front spend and reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

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