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    Critical Network Infrastructure

We routinely implement and support the largest global security programmes, across utilities, public space, transportation and key industrial facilities. These are assets that require a specialist approach due to their strategic importance.

Working in conjunction with governments, city authorities and industrial organisations, we provide security systems that ensure the smooth, safe and resilient operation of critical infrastructure.

Our focus is upon mitigating risk by working with CSO’s and stakeholders, to develop and deliver command and control solutions for enterprise-level situational awareness. Not only must the solutions provided enable timely response interventions, but they must also acquire smart data to aid evidential and trend analysis.

We take a holistic approach to security and safety, enabling a common and consistent control ethic and process for our customers. Further to that, our focused sector engagement and reputation – together with our global reach – equips us to collaborate with complex stakeholder groups, often cross border, at a local level. These principles ensure the relevant application of territorial approach across any enterprise installation and the certainty of system application success.

What else does an Optilan partnership mean for you?

  • A modular approach to site protection, one that tailors the relevant edge detection and site controls to the specific location
  • Solutions that cover static site and remote ARC centric approach
  • A commitment to develop methods to address new threats, such as those posed by drone and cyber technology
  • Support in meeting the demands of sector governance: we have invested to ensure our technology, people and processes are fully compliant with the relevant standards and clearances
  • Turnkey solutions that include all elements of card access, voice communications, detection and CCTV verification.

We also provide full communications infrastructure options, ranging from integrated systems to discrete packages depending on your operational and budgetary constraints.


  • Communications infrastructure
  • Command and control systems
  • Health & safety monitoring
  • Personnel tracking
  • PAGA
  • Help points
  • Remote asset protection
  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • Perimeter detection
  • Weather monitoring
  • Hostile vehicle mitigation
  • Control room fit out

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