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Optilan Group acquires Telinstra FZCO as part of strategic growth into Middle East     

Optilan Group acquires Telinstra FZCO as part of strategic growth into Middle East

Optilan have taken various measures to ensure that oil and gas transport lines operate with as little damage and environmental impact as possible while still being economical and have a track record of delivering industry-leading intrusion and leak detection systems for pipelines and other linear assets.

Our Services

We have deployed the world’s largest fibre-based pipeline intrusion detection system (PIDS), covering over 10,000km. Optilan have the skills required to install larger systems encompassing both intrusion and leak detection capabilities.

As a highly experienced systems integrator, we can design complex detection systems to operate under the harshest environmental conditions and offer integration to other systems to create bespoke integrated security and monitoring packages.

These systems utilise a single optical fibre core using state-of-the-art DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) technology for detection of real-time events up to hundreds of km away from a single location.

Our Pipeline Integrity Systems can secure assets with the following;

  • Intrusion Detection
    • Walking and general activity from up to 10m.
    • Manual Digging from 10m.
    • Mechanical Digging from up to 50m.
    • Vehicles from up to 15m.
    • Fibre Breakages.
  • Four-Mode Leak Detection
    • Negative Pressure Pulse.
    • Ground Heave and Strain.
    • Orifice Flow Noise.
    • Distributed Temperature Gradient Sensing.
  • Security Monitoring
    • Valve Detection.
    • Pigging Detection.
  • Enviromental Monitoring
    • Two-Mode Landslide detection.
    • Seismic Activity.

Optilan can assist and support you with key project solutions in the following:


With over 20 years of experience in pipeline telecommunication and security systems, Optilan have led the way in combining high speed communications with pipeline protection and monitoring systems.

Have a question? If you would like to know more about the sectors Optilan operate in, or the services we provide, please contact us.   info@optilan.com   +44 (0) 1926 864999