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Underpinning the continued resilience of our solutions, our understanding of the critical role of lifecycle support ensures the optimisation of systems over their extended life.

Our service team helps you to protect your investment and sustain your solutions results.

We develop support strategies to maximise functionality, monitoring and resilience. Our solutions span edge and remote site devices, transmission network to integrated command and control platforms. We provide edge to desktop coverage, addressing all complex IT and physical aspects.

We apply predictive maintenance and system healthcare to ensure the relevant software layers remain updated and are able to adapt to new issues, such as cyber threat.

Our 24/7 support services ensure our clients get the most from their assets, whilst preserving the integrity of their operations.

We provide end-to-end support from a multi-layered maintenance team that includes accredited technical engineers to support the lifecycle of your telecommunications and security solutions.

Our approach is tailored, from remote pre-emptive diagnostics and support, to permanent site presence or emergency response. From the outset we assure that our service teams embed into the service platform of the client organisation.

Our preventative approach to maintenance aim to identify faults before they occur to secure your systems’ operations.


  • Asset planning and migration /obsolescence management
  • Remote pre-emptive fault monitoring and system healthcare
  • Site-based Optilan engineers
  • UK-based customer service facilities – including 24/7 telephone helpline support and remote diagnostic facilities
  • Emergency standby specialist engineering teams available on a next-flight basis
  • Proactive maintenance – system health checks to identify preventative or corrective work, and advise on upgrades
  • Spare parts and repair management – featuring a wide inventory and same-day or next-day delivery
  • Field maintenance – engineers and technicians available on a call-out basis to support peak system performance
  • Software upgrade support

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