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Complex, large-scale projects and programmes are unique in terms of their requirements, scope, and priorities. Customer solutions therefore require various levels of integration – including interoperability of systems, integrated command and control platform of multiple system disciplines, and integration to client business systems.

Optilan’s approach to system integration is to consider each project as a distinct entity, integrating each component from a holistic perspective. Solution integrations often include a multitude of peer-to-peer platform integrations, presentation of live verification and monitoring information, data streams, and access to and from organisational stakeholders.

We have proven and resilient methods and processes designed to achieve the goals set out by our clients. Our design methodology translates the operational requirement to a working system.

Collaboration and communication are central to our operations. Considering each organisation’s unique culture and stakeholder objectives, our approach facilitates effective multidisciplinary thinking and interaction for shared understanding and coordinated action toward delivery of the systems mission.

This approach not only enables us to deliver a fully working site to system – it mitigates operational risk, reduces site attendances and headcount, and provides programme assurance.

We possess the resources and capabilities to build over 200 racks at any one time and assemble equipment cabinets and field equipment in line with your specifications.

It’s all part of a comprehensive service offering:

  • Our systems are subject to full Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and pre-commissioning prior to shipping
  • Project-specific test specifications are developed for every subsystem and passed to you for prior approval
  • FAT is undertaken by project engineering teams in our main workshop, which is fully equipped with voice, data, RG and fibre optic test equipment
  • Larger projects, which involve high levels of in-house activity, can be allocated their own dedicated and secure FAT rooms


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